Cir. No. 66th NGF / 25 / 2017

Cir. No. 66th NGF / 25 / 2017                                                                                                                         21st December 2017




Dear Exhibitors,

66th National Garment Fair
29th & 30th January 2018
Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Complex,
Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063


As you are aware, the Association has received an Overwhelming Response from the Members towards Participation in the 66th National Garment Fair.

We would like to inform you that the Draw of Lots for Allotment of Stall to the Exhibitors will be held on Monday, 08th January 2018 at the Textile Committee Auditorium,  P.Balu Road,  Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 at 3.00 P.M.

All Exhibitors are requested to make a Note of the above and attend the Function.

Please note that the Draw of Lots for Allotment of Stall to the Exhibitors displaying Accessories will be held at the CMAI Office on Thursday, 11th January 2018 and the Stall Nos. will be intimated to them thereafter.

Thanking You.

Yours truly,

Shraddha Desai
Joint Director

Welcome to CMAI

From the President's Desk

Dear Friends,

May I, through this President’s Message, extend a warm welcome to all of you visiting the 69th National Garment Fair.

The NGFs, as they are popularly known, continue to be the most sought-after Trade Shows of our Industry. Companies plan their Brand launches based on the NGF Calendar, Brands, their Range launches, and even non-participants, their own presentations to coincide with the NGF dates. Ironically, even other Trade Shows are planned based on the dates finalised for the NGF.

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