Cir No. 68th NGF / 32 / 2019

Cir No.68th NGF / 32 / 2019                                                                               24th January 2019



Dear Sir,

This is further to our Circular No 68th NGF / 30 / 19 dtd 11th January 2019 requesting all the Exhibitors to STRICTLY ADHERE TO THE DOS AND DONT’S  that was sent to you alongwith the Stall Allotment Letter and once again re-sent to you by e-mail alongwith the above mentioned Circular on 23rd January 2019.

We would like to once again reiterate that the Exhibitors can bring their own Racks, Stand and Mannequins which they are currently using in their Show Room / Office for their own use in their Stalls or alternatively they can also be hired from the Agencies who have been Empanelled by the Association.  (List of Agencies Empanelled by the Association have also been sent to the Exhibitors alongwith Cir No 68th NGF / 29 / 19 dated 11th January 2019 – Page No 7 & 8)

Please note that No Carpentary, Painting & Polishing, including Touch ups, will be allowed in the Stalls, Halls  or within the NSE Complex and Exhibitors are strictly instructed kindly Co-operate with the Association.  If any Carpentary, Painting and Polishing, including Touchups are found to be carried out by the Exhibitors in their Stalls, Halls or within the  NSE Complex they will be removed immediately by the Security.

We request all Exhibitors to Co-operate in this matter.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

P. Chandrasekharan

Welcome to CMAI

From the President's Desk

Dear Friends,

May I, through this President’s Message, extend a warm welcome to all of you visiting the 69th National Garment Fair.

The NGFs, as they are popularly known, continue to be the most sought-after Trade Shows of our Industry. Companies plan their Brand launches based on the NGF Calendar, Brands, their Range launches, and even non-participants, their own presentations to coincide with the NGF dates. Ironically, even other Trade Shows are planned based on the dates finalised for the NGF.

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